​Portrait  & Professional Assistant Wedding Photographer


     I am Erica provider of professional second shooting and photography assistant services.

   After 5 years of running my own photography business, I realized my greatest joy came from helping other people’s businesses succeed. In 2016 I made a leap and went to solely second shooting weddings and ended up working 36 weddings and I have never had so much fun! 

   I understand that there is more to being a second shooter than just getting a different camera angle. I am part second shooter, part veil/train fluffer, part human pack mule, part whatever else you see fit and 100% hustle. What is the oddest task I have been asked to do? Carve a watermelon at a wedding but that is a story for another day.


I married my best friend in  2010 and can't imagine where I would be today as he is the one who bought me my first camera DSLR ( had a film camera growing up) and encourages me every day to do what I love.


I love to laugh and around the right people, I will laugh until I start crying. I am obsessed with Thai food and coffee! Nothing makes me smile more than cuddly babies.  I am quite active in a variety of different volunteer activities which has led me all over the place. I currently I live in the great state of Minnesota and have to say it is one of my favorite places I have been. I have the goal of going to all  50 states as well as visiting Thailand, England, and Italy and anywhere else life may bring me.

    In a  nutshell, my favorite part about being a photographer is having the opportunity to be a small part of someone's life and being able to help them create a memory they can hold in their hand. 

Looking forward to meeting you,
Erica Neisen